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Steppe Gold recognizes the potential impacts of mining on water, land, and ecosystem and pays special attention to minimize such impacts. As an example, our environmental policy was approved in 2018 to ensure effective and responsible environmental management and practices at all levels within the company. As the company believes that proactive environmental management helps us to maintain environmental compliance and prevent environmental incidents, we have successfully implemented an environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management standard.

At the ATO project, we implement our Environmental Management Plan (EMP) on the mine site in line with regulatory requirements and it is evaluated by the regional environmental authority at the end of each year.

We have conducted 782 measurements at 20 air monitoring points to detect dust, noise, and other environmental pollutants.

Monitoring points

for air
for soil
for water
for vegetable observation
Wild animal observation in
km2 area

Steppe Gold is committed to responsible environmental management, focusing on water conservation, biodiversity, waste management, and mine closure planning. We efficiently manage water resources in collaboration with local communities, utilizing advanced monitoring systems. Our biodiversity efforts include regular monitoring, installation of deterrent devices, wildlife reintroduction, and habitat rehabilitation. We prioritize safe waste disposal and recycling, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection. Our comprehensive mine closure plan ensures effective rehabilitation and compliance with regulatory standards, aiming to restore the site to grassland and support local ecosystems.


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