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Steppe Gold is committed defines its purpose to mitigating and rehabilitating environmental impacts, as much as possible. We support biodiversity offsets, sustainable development and the principles of responsible mining in all of our work. We will further these goals, by:

Operating in strict compliance with the laws, regulations and legal framework of Mongolia, as well as relevant international standards and best practices.

Regularly monitoring for potential environmental impacts from every aspect of our operations, and implementing any preventative actions necessary.

Establishing the optimal environmental management system for the company, and improving internal auditing by identifying and implementing any required environmental actions.

Implement planning and research work of mine closure from mine operation period.

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, Steppe Gold will:

Organize trainings to raise awareness with all company employees, suppliers and contractors regarding the significance of any environmental risk mitigation, preventative measures, and to encourage a positive work culture.

Establish an internal environmental management system and revise procedures, regulations and programs every year to ensure the compliance with international standards and other environmentally related legal frameworks.

Define and implement environmental goals and objectives annually in compliance with current year’s activity and submit environmental reports to company management and governmental authorities in a timely manner.

Ensure transparency of Steppe’s operational information to the public, and support engagement of and cooperation with local government, citizens and herders.

Implement appropriate management for water usage and join the “Mine and Water management” voluntary codex developed and implemented by the International Finance Corporation of World Bank.

Develop and implement a Mine Closure Plan, based on first year operational learnings.

Steppe Gold is committed to ensuring the proper resources are allocated to implement these environmental goals, and to disclosing the formal policy to the public.


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