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The company aims to ensure a safe, healthy, and hygienic environment for its employees, contractors, and visitors on site. The company’s approach to health and safety is guided by its vision of “Safety is the measure of success.” Steppe Gold ensures health and safety excellence through a strong health and safety-based culture at every level of the company and by driving continual improvement in safety performance. We undertake regular proactive engagement with our employees and contractors to create a good understanding of our safety approaches and to build a strong safety culture together.

Encouraging transparency and fostering an environment for open communication on health and safety leads employees to take responsibility for ensuring their workplace is safe. Accident reporting by each employee is highly encouraged, which increases the possibility of identifying potential hazards, addressing them, and avoiding them.

Steppe Gold has achieved ISO 45001 certification, ensuring high standards in occupational health and safety management.

The objective of the Policy is to:

Prevent workplace accidents and diseases.

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Involve employees so that they feel empowered to ensure their own safety and the safety of others, by complying with proper health and safety policies and procedures.

Establish and maintain a Safety Management System to deliver the Policy objectives.

The Safety Management System will:

Establish and maintain work practices, which are safe and reduce the risk to health.

Provide comprehensive training, re-training, information, instruction and supervision of all employees to enable them to perform their duties safely.

Develop procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and to implement measures to control the risk.

The Safety Management System shall include but is not limited to:

Employee orientation and ongoing training.

Safe work systems and practices.

Hazard identification, risk assessment and control procedures.

Accident / incident investigation, recording and investigation.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment.

Establishment of Emergency response procedures.

Appropriate provision of resources for medical attention and health benefits for any rehabilitation.